Soros for Europe

New Europe Brussels team
30/10/2012 – 11:23am

George Soros will deliver a speech today at midday which outlines his views on the future of Europe hanging between solidarity and discipline.

Participating at the Berggruen Institue on Governance’s „Council on the Future of Europe” in Berlin his underlying message will be on behalf of his Open Society Initiative for Europe which has already garnered the support of certain Nordic countries, hinges on solidarity in Europe.

Tony Blair former Prime Minister of the UK also spoke at the event yesterday calling for ‚more Europe’, and a realignment of economics and politics as an essential step out of the Eurozone crisis, telling an audience in Berlin the crisis was so acute, “because monetary union was in many ways an idea motivated by politics but expressed in economics.

The CFE is holidng a two day conference on 29-30 October called Europe After the Crisis — on the future of Europe and what European federalism might look like.

Apart from some private meetings, the first day will feature a roundtable of senior European editors and journalists in discussion with CFE members. The second day will be a public town hall, under the sponsorship of Helmut Schmidt, featuring German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble and French Economics Minister Pierre Moscovici. Other participants include Ursula van der Leyen, Philip Missfelder, Pascal Lamy, Peter Sutherland, Gerhard Schroeder, Felipe Gonzalez, Jacques Attali, Marek Belka, Alain Minc, Romano Prodi, Jean-Claude Trichet, Bernard-Henri Levy, and Guy Verhofstadt.